In mulieribus

The In mulieribus program is a proposal of choral music written by and for women. It presents a selection of works of great complexity and size, composed by four contemporary composers of great relevance in the international choral scene. The concert opens with the Ave Maria by the British author Cecilia McDowald, a beautiful motet for a female choir that highlights the brave use of dissonance and harmonic shocks. It is followed by Sanctum by the Canadian composer Sarah Quartel. This is a four-part piece that includes various Requiem texts and is dedicated to the four elements present in the landscape of the Canadian West Coast: water, mountains, wind and sky. The Stabat Mater from the Basque author Eva Ugalde was specifically composed for this project. It is a work for a female choir, piano and accordion, which in addition to the Latin text includes some Basque texts about motherhood written by the composer herself. In Mulieribus ends with Folk Mass by the Latvian, Laura Jekobsone. This is a piece with a Latin mass structure, but that from the start evokes a multitude of colours, melodies, rhythms and atmospheres of international folklore. This is a six-voice piece for an a capella choir, with great vocal demands and extension, but very friendly, close and even fun for the public. Download dossier

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Sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2021
Conservatorio Jesús Guridi

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